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Memorandum of Understanding

​HISTORIC Model Aboriginal Procurement Policy

At the sold out Indigenous Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala Dinner on November 16, 2011, the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce, The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce co-signed an historic Model Aboriginal Procurement Policy Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU, believed to be the first of its kind in North America, is intended to foster and encourage the participation of more Aboriginal businesses in Manitoba’s main stream economy.“ Procurement practices, or the purchasing of goods, services or construction, are ways to assist in the development of Aboriginal Business and create a more inclusive business climate in Manitoba and across Canada’, said Andrew Clarke, Chair of the Board, Indigenous Chamber of Commerce.

memorandum of understanding

“The Policy is intended to provide opportunities, not hand outs, and its success depends on satisfied customers, just like the success of every other business venture”.

“The purpose of the MOU is to help Manitoba companies connect more successfully with Aboriginal suppliers of goods and services,” said Manitoba Chambers’ President, Graham Starmer. “A good Aboriginal procurement program is a hallmark strategy designed to strengthen corporate social responsibility and enhance partnerships with the Aboriginal community for the benefit of both sides and Manitoba as a whole,” he added.

By signing this MOU, the three Chambers will use their strengths to enhance procurement opportunities, both in the public and private sectors, as well as enhancing relationship building and the potential for partnership opportunities between the Aboriginal and mainstream business communities.

The Model Aboriginal Procurement Policy Resolution, approved at the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Annual General Meeting, and the MOU are available for download here.

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