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About Us

icc grandrapids logoIt all started with a small group of business owners meeting over a cup of coffee to discuss areas of common concern and from that meeting, in 2004, the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce was created by bringing northern and southern businesses together to work on common issues.

Throughout the years, our membership has continued to grow, as Manitoba businesses recognize the value of working as a collective on key issues concerning Indigenous business initiatives. Today, our membership is open to both the Indigenous and Non-Indigenous businesses and organizations. Over the years, we have grown to understand that our Chamber can create the partnerships and synergies important to the growth and development of all business in this province.

We are governed by a working Board of Directors that are duly elected by our Members, and we have established key strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses and organizations that will assist us in furthering the causes of our members. We have created an active committee structure that is designed to address the specific issues facing the Board, from an administrative, policy, and program perspective. Participation on all of these committees are open to the membership and we truly value the input from our member community.
The Indigenous Chamber of Commerce is proud of the steps it has taken to become the Voice of Indigenous Business in this Province. We understand that we have more work to do to ensure that are creating the impact our members need.

Business. Community. Spirit.

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