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New Member Monday: Mother Earth Tobacco

This week's New Member Monday is Mother Earth Tobacco.

Mother Earth Tobacco is the first manufacturer and distributor of organically grown Ceremonial Tobacco. They prepare Mother Earth Tobacco and distribute it specifically for Ceremonial purposes. They are located at Keeshkeemaquah (Long Plain First Nation), Manitoba.
Mother Earth Tobacco logo

Mother Earth Tobacco's mission:

• To provide Ceremonial Users with 100% pure, authentic Tobacco for Ceremonial use.
• To provide First Nations Communities with economic growth opportunities.
• To provide support to other First Nations Members to start their own business.
• To provide Ceremonial Users with a tobacco alternative to participate in the education of Ceremonial Tobacco use.
• To distribute a product that is environment friendly to support farmers and other businesses who engage in environmentally responsible practices.
• To continuously seek out and use products and services that are environmentally responsible.
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